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[qwiz style=”width: 450px;”]

[h] Sample: Biology quiz

[q] Mitosis

[l] Centrosome

[fx] No. The centrosome is the “microtubule organizing center” for the spindle fibers

[f*] Good!

[l] Chromosome

[fx] No. The chromosome is two strands of DNA held together at their centers by the “centromere”

[f*] Correct!

[l] Nuclear membrane

[fx] No. The nuclear membrane disappears during cell division

[f*] Good!

[l] Spindle fibers

[fx] No. The spindle fibers pull the chromosomes to each side of the dividing cell

[f*] Very good!

[q] To what structure in this eukaryote cell is the number 2 pointing?

[c*] The cytoplasm

[c] The membrane

[c] The nucleus

[c] A ribosome

[f] Excellent!  The cytoplasm is the watery main body of the cell.

[f] No, the membrane is the outside surface of the cell.

[f] No, the nucleus – a fairly large, round body near the center of eukaryote cells – holds genetic information.

[f] No, ribosomes use messenger RNA to create proteins.

[x] [restart]



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[qdeck style=”width: 440px;”]

[h] Sample: Language flashcards

[q]Make a first conditional: It’s possible I won’t be too tired and then I’ll see you at John’s later.

If I’m not too tired, I’ll see you at John’s later.

[q]Make a second conditional: I’m not a politician and so I won’t change things.

If I was a politician, I’d change things.

[x] [restart]


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Choose from a variety of question and flashcard types – Multiple-choice, Hangman, and more!

Multiple-choice  Sample question

Hangman  Sample question  Sample flashcard

Interactive diagram  Sample interactive image question  Sample interactive text question

Free-form input with drop-down suggestions  Sample question  Sample flashcard

One-letter answer  Sample question  Sample flashcard

“Show me the answer”  Sample question

“Information-only”  Sample question

Customize – colors, card size, audio and video

Card size — specify size, whether size will expand to accommodate content or scroll to see content.

Include audio and/or video anywhere — question/flashcard front, choices, answers/flashcard back.

Edit with Wizard – menu-driven WYSIWYG – select new question or card type; edit exactly what users will see

Choose question/card type (multiple-choice, hangman, etc.)

Fill in question, choices, feedback, etc.  Edit exactly what will be displayed.

Choose options — Introduction, Exit text, Header, border — from easy menu.

Try the Qwizcards wizard.  (opens in new tab)

Track student progress – questions correct, flashcards done – by quiz/flashcard deck and by class

Set up students/classes – copy and paste data, or provide students a code for “self-registration.”

Assign quizzes and flashcard decks to classes.

View student progress/scores — totals for each student and each quiz/deck by class; details by students and selected quiz/deck; details by selected student over quizzes and decks.
View scores sample screen shot

Create an administrative account to track student progress.  (opens in new tab)

Student pages – a great learning tool! Students make their own and take each other’s quizzes and flashcards

Teachers know well the benefits of “learning by teaching.”  Allowing students to create their own teaching materials — quizzes and flashcards — is an engaging way to implement a learning-by-teaching strategy.

Students can log in to the Qwizcards wizard with their student username and password to make and save their own quizzes and flashcards.  Here’s a sample student page. (opens in new tab)

Students can access an index page that provides links to all of their classmates’ quizzes and flashcards.

Students in a class — and only those students — can view and add comments on their classmates’ work.

The instructor gets a special view of each student’s work: quizzes and flashcards in a “preview format” that shows all questions and flashcards at once.

The instructor can leave feedback that is visible only to the student who created the quiz or flashcard deck.

Save questions/cards to database; re-use elsewhere; mix-and-match

Save a quiz or flashcard deck in database as a “dataset”.

Include questions/cards from saved “datasets” in other quizzes and decks — change/update the “master” and the changes will appear everywhere that question or card is used.

“Mix-and-match browsing.”   Look through available questions and cards — including from other creators — and use them (with permission!) in your quizzes and flashcard decks.  Try it! Browse questions  Browse cards  (opens in new tab)

Manage permissions — allow or prevent others from using your questions/flashcards.

Create an administrative account to save and manage datasets.  (opens in new tab)

Use anywhere – WordPress plugin, Google Sites, Facebook, etc.

Create directly in WordPress editor with Qwizcards plugin (opens in new tab)

Enter text shortcodes — for example “[q]” for a question.

Or use the WYSIWYG wizard (available within the WordPress editor).

Or create on Qwizcards site (with Wizard) and use anywhere with “embed code.”

Use embed codes and instructions provided for Facebook pages, Google sites (Classic and New), WordPress (without the Qwizcards plugin), simple JavaScript for your own site and others.

Or include the Qwizcards scripts in your own site/pages.

Create quizzes and flashcards with shortcodes.

Download the Qwizcards scripts here.

59 thoughts on “

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      That’s basically the default for quizzes and flashcard decks. For flashcards, “Need more practice” means the card will keep showing up (it’s “on the study pile”). For quizzes, incorrectly-answered questions repeat.

      If students log in to a quiz or flashcard deck that is set up for progress recording, and that quiz or deck comes from a dataset, then questions and cards students haven’t mastered are repeated — even after the student logs out and resumes practice later. A “spaced-repetition” algorithm is used.

  1. Zay

    Hello, is it possible to make a card and the user has to submit a short answer to see the card flip and have more information on that side?

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Yes, there are a few options along these lines.

      Simplest is a plain [textentry] card — here’s an example: http://qwizcards.com/flashcards-quickstart/#Add a text entry box
      In this case the user’s “short answer” is optional, however. (The theory is that even if the user is required to submit an answer before “Check answer” is enabled, the user could just type “asdf” or anything.)

      You can require user input with a “free-form input” question, but on flashcards this always involves picking from a list of suggestions (usually based on dictionary words, but you can turn that off in favor of your own suggestions). Here’s an example: http://qwizcards.com/sample-free-form-flashcard/

  2. Halvard

    Hi! I think your plugin is amazing! I was just wondering if you make a function where I can import csv files to add stacks of flashcards?

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Thanks! It might be fairly easy to format your data in a spreadsheet, and then copy-and-paste into a page. That is, if you have columns “card front” and “card back”, then you could add a first column filled with “[q]” and a third column (between the “front” and “back” columns) filled with “[a]”. Then copy everything to a page — put all this data between “[qdeck]” and “[/qdeck]” shortcodes. That ought to do it!

  3. MaLi

    Hi, I love these! I am just starting to explore these tools and have used quizzes other teachers have shared. I don’t understand the score reports that show more questions answered correctly than have been tried. Is there also a way to see how many questions a student has missed instead of/in addition to best # correct? Thanks!

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Thanks. “More correct than tried” appears to be a bug. Checking…

      OK, bug found; fixed, we believe! Thanks for letting us know. Please let us know if you see anything else…

  4. Daniel

    Outstanding job on this plugin. Is there any way it could be integrated with an Audio Plugin like Compact WP Audio Player where the “autoplay” function is delayed until each card is active? Currently the autoplay feature will simultaneously play the audio for every card in a deck on the first card of a deck. Thanks in Advance!

    1. Daniel

      Never mind, I found an audio player that serves this function. You can discard/disregard this message Thanks!

      1. Dan Kirshner Post author

        OK, thanks. Qwizcards handles the default WordPress audio player (just use “Add Media”). I tried “Compact WP Audio Player” and did not have the problem you described. In any event, it has an option to turn off autoplay (Dashboard > Settings > SC Audio Player). The problem I did have is that clicking on the player also flipped the card (although you can prevent that with the click_flip=”false”option). –Dan

  5. Steven

    Hi, great flashcards! But every time a user logs out it gives me this error:

    Warning: session_destroy(): Trying to destroy uninitialized session in /home2/barabomb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards/qwiz_admin.php on line 1030

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2/barabomb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards/qwiz_admin.php:1030) in /home2/barabomb/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1210

    Any help? Thanks!

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Sorry! Don’t know why that’s happening. But the at line 1030 in qwiz_admin.php doesn’t seem to be necessary. So the error can be eliminated by eliminating that line! We’ll do so in a new release; in the meantime you can do so yourself: Dashboard > Plugins, under Qwizcards click “Edit” — then on the right in the column of “Plugin Files” click on the one that ends with qwiz_admin.php. Scroll down — the line with “session_destroy” is about 10 lines from the bottom. Delete it, or comment it out by typing “//” in front.



  6. keiko

    I get thick bars on the top and bottom of my flashcards, only on the answer side.
    The bars are always the color of the background behind it.
    Can you tell me how to eliminate these completely?

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Don’t know what these are (have never seen them!). What theme are you using? Can you give us a sample page URL? Thanks!

        1. Dan Kirshner Post author

          Thanks (nice looking site!). Those bars are a bug — thanks for letting us know. A quick fix is to add a style to the [qdeck] shortcode — you’ll have to do this in the WordPress editor, not using the wizard. The style is “background-color: white;”. Add this to any other styles, so the shortcode looks something like [qdeck align=”center” style=”height: 350px; background-color: white; border: 2px;”]

          Thanks also for the question about loading. We’ve implemented a fix for that; it will be in a new release of the Qwizcards plugin, which we think will be within just a few days.

          1. keiko

            Oh no! All my pictures in my flashcards have been changed to black boxes after the 3.20 upgrade. How do I roll it back???

          2. Dan Kirshner Post author

            Sorry to hear that! Quick fix: revert to 3.19: Dashboard > Settings > Qwizcards > “Revert to an earlier version”. Enter “3.19” and click “Save changes”. (Hopefully your server is set up to allow the download!)

            I looked at your page (still version 3.20). I didn’t see black boxes — but no images showing!

            I did some debugging – I think your site is using some kind of JavaScript-minifying plugin (the minified source comes from cloudfront.net). But the minified JavaScript is not up to date with respect to the version 3.20 JavaScript. Is there some way to tell it to update?

            Edit (about 12 hours later!): Looks good now, version 3.20 working correctly!

  7. james

    I have two questions. When I make the quiz in reponsive web, the size of the quiz box is too wide on smartphone and when I want to see the result of the quiz, I have to touch the arrow bouncing, but, the position of arrow is too small and too near the line of quiz box, I`m wondering if I can change the position of the quiz box?

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Not sure what you mean about “arrow bouncing”. In the newest version on qwizcards.com/wizard, on your phone you should see an “expand” icon (small diagonal arrows) at the top left of the quiz box. This should take it to full-screen mode on your phone. Also, if your quiz has more than one question and an introduction, then clicking “Start quiz” should also take you to full-screen mode on your phone.

  8. Liz


    Is it possible for students to bookmark their place in the deck, so that if they get can’t finish a set they can come back later and pick up where they left off?


    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      No, sorry, we don’t have such a feature. It’s a good idea, though! We’ll put it on the to-do list.


  9. Josh

    Very nice plugin. Might I suggest making the cards and quizzes mobile friendly? Your demo quizzes act on the page as if they have a hardcoded width. They look great in desktop, but when I tried your demo on a phone they don’t resize or wrap where they could. Just a thought. Great project either way!

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Thanks. Mobile-friendly does exist! (See More > What’s New) When you view the Qwizcards home page demos on your phone, you’ll see a little “expand to full screen” icon at the top left of each card. That should do it. Or try one of the quizzes or flashcard decks on the quickstart pages — those that have a “Start” button. Those should automatically switch to full-screen mode on your phone when you click “Start”. Now to make this a little more obvious to first-time users…

  10. Admin

    Hi Dan,

    Love the flashcards, they are so easy to use! Is there a way to use keyboard shortcuts such as the arrow keys to progress to the next flashcard?

  11. Pawel

    Hi, is it possible to switch off suggested words completely ? Meaning that suggestions will not be taken even from the correct-answer words provided (with [c*]) ? And the second thing, do you thing is possible to add Google Speech to correct answer (answer could be read aloud)?

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Switch off suggested words: that’s a logical option (although harder for students!). [Update 1/3/2016] This is now available in the beta version (“beta 1 for 3.03″) by doing, for example, [textentry suggest=”false”]. To install the beta version, go to Dashboard > Settings > Qwizcards. Check the box under “Download beta version of Qwizcards plugin” and select either “Test beta version” or “Deploy beta version.” Then click “Save changes.”

      Google text-to-speech. Seems doable. I’ll put it on the to-do list. I see there are some text-to-speech WordPress plugins available; for example, ResponsiveVoice. You may be able to accomplish what you want with one of these. There are also browser add-ins that do text to speech.

  12. John

    Hi. I like your plug-in. I understand that there is a list of 500 scientific terms in the plugin.

    How can I remove the science list and replace it with my own list? I would like put in about 500 software terms.

    Also, can the dictionary also be removed or disabled so that does not have to be disabled in the [textentry] all the time?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      There are a few ways to replace the default list of biology terms (used in free-form-word-match questions) with your own list. You can upload a file to your media library and provide a link to it. You can create a page that has your terms. Or you can list them within a quiz. See “Free-form-word-match terms” > “Providing terms” for details.

      No, right now the default full English dictionary can only be disabled on a [textentry] by [textentry] basis. We could add an option. Do you want to disable it quiz by quiz, or across your whole site?

      1. John

        Thank you Dan for responding so quickly. I would like to disable the dictionary permanently as I am dealing strictly with Microsoft Office software terms. John

        1. Dan Kirshner Post author

          Hello John: New Qwizcards version 3.01 includes options to set the default for use_dict and use_terms. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Qwizcards. You can override the defaults on specific questions/cards with [textentry use_dict=”true”], for example. –Dan

          1. John

            Hi, Dan. I have updated to the 3.01 version although I have not had a chance to look at it. I will take a look at it soon. Thanks. John

  13. Nima


    I have just installed the plugin and when I activate it, a pop-up error message appears:

    unmatched pairs error

    When I press ok, it comes again after a few seconds.
    How should I get rid of this?

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Update: This problem came up with the “Pinnacle” theme. Here is a fix in that case:
      activate Qwizcards on Dashboard > Plugins. Then go directly to Dashboard > Settings > Qwizcards.
      Scroll down to “HTML element that contains quiz and flashcard content (shortcodes, etc.)”. The “Qwizcards-contentHTML element(s)” textbox should have:

      div.entry-content, div.post-entry, div.container

      Delete the last comma and entry, so it’s just

      div.entry-content, div.post-entry

      Click “Save Changes”

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Sorry, not yet. It would help if I could find out what size settings work. Perhaps you could try setting the size as described in the reply to Doug?

    2. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Update: Qwizcards version 3.01 creates a full-screen “mobile” view when you start a quiz or flashcard deck on a small-screen device. –Dan

  14. doug

    I’m using a galaxy s3 sideways (640 x 360) and have the same issue. I’d love to see a size setting to define a width x height, or max and min width and height. I’ve gone with another plugin for now but I’d like yours better if it had a size setting (or resized to fit). My flashcards a simple text and ordered lists.

  15. Kerri Redmond

    Hi there, I love the plugin it’s great for my particular site, thanks very much for it. I was wondering though if it is possible to change the font colour in the labelled diagrams quiz? I have one of these on my camera settings lesson page but as the labels are being place over an image of a camera the grey font just fades into it. I did go into the css and tried to change it there but I couldn’t seem to find the right place. Also can the button color on the flashcards be changed?
    Thanks very much,

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      Thanks much!

      The label colors are easy to change (at least on a one-at-a-time basis). Button colors take a bit of fiddling. I can try to make more user-friendly options at some point, but for now, here’s how to do it:

      Labeled diagram label color. Using the WordPress editor, you can change the color of the labels. Just select the text after the [l] shortcode, and click the “Text color” icon.

      Flashcard button colors. In Dashboard > Plugins, find the Qwiz plugin, and click Edit. Then, in the box on the right, click on this file: qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards/qwizcards.css

      The button colors are set in the .qbutton section. Here’s an excerpt:

      .qbutton {
      background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(#3e779d), to(#65a9d7));

      The numbers (for example, “#3e779d”) are color codes. These you can change (with the aid of an HTML color table). If you want to keep it simple you can get rid of the lines that say “gradient”, and just keep this line: background: #65a9d7;

      The problem with this kind of fiddling is that you’ll have to repeat it next time you update the plugin!

      1. Kerri Redmond

        Hi there, thank you so much! I feel like a bit of an idiot over the text colour! I can’t beleive I didn’t think of doing it within the normal wordpress options. I changed it anyway and I also managed to get the button colour changed to the purple I wanted. Thanks so much for taking the time to help with this I really appreciate it.

        Best Regards,

  16. Sergei

    Hello, noticed that plugin conflicts with translation plugin Transposh. I get raw code when I change the language.

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      I’ll look into this. If you can give me the URL of a test page that shows this it would be helpful.



  17. G

    Hi, I wonder what am I doing wrong. I’m trying to run it directly in Chrome and nothing so far.

    [q] Define “gene”
    [a] The unit of heredity.
    [q] Define “heredity.”
    [a] The passing of traits from parent to offspring.

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      OK, sorry, there was a problem. Download updated versions of the scripts (including a new script) from the Downloads page (under “More”). There’s an example there that works for me.

  18. Tracey Williams

    Hi there!

    Help! Would I be able to program a ‘deck of cards’ with this plugin Eg: could I somehow use it as an interactive plugin for my client to ‘shuffle’ & have a card chosen for them ~ then the answer /message revealed?
    Hope this makes sense.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      If you start a flashcard deck with [qdeck random=”true”] then the first card shown will be randomly drawn from the deck.

      Clicking “Check answer” will show the “back” of the card.

      Does this meet your needs?

  19. eddyy

    Hi yes for the plugin i realized when i load the plugin on my website on my mobile the flashcard is out of bounds and is not resizing according to mobile dimensions. Could you fix that.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Dan Kirshner Post author

      What phone/browser are you using?

      On the default Android browser I can pinch-zoom the card smaller to fit, or larger to see, and I’m not sure anything else would be an improvement. But if you can’t even do that much, I’ll try to fix it.


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