Here's how to set up your account so that you can use the online courses at with your students.

The whole process involves four easy steps.

1. Start by logging into your account at
2. Click the “Add new class” button at the top of the page.
3. Make up a class name and registration code for your class.  Your class name can be anything you want (such as “APPeriod1”).  The registration code is what students will use to register for your class.  Many teachers use their school mascot, followed by the class period (such as “wildcats1”).  The code has to be unique in our system, and we’ll tell you if it’s not.  Repeat this for each class or section that you teach.
4. Email your students the registration code.  Then send them to any quiz on  Have them click the ”New Student-Register“ button at the start of most quizzes, or hover on the menu triangle at the top right of every quiz.  Or you can send them to
That's it. If you want a visual guide, click on this link. The visual guide includes a template for an email you can send to your students. 
The best way to use the site is to accompany your students' online experience with a tutorial guide. This is a handout that deepens learning by having students summarize, predict, connect, and label. There's even a crossword puzzle. Every module in our curriculum has one. They're available in both pdf and word formats. You can find a list of these guides by clicking here
If you experience any difficulties along the way, or have any questions about distance teaching and learning, please use this link to set up a time to talk. We're all in a tough spot, and I'm happy to help so don't hesitate. 


Glenn Wolkenfeld
AP or Introductory College Biology can make students feel overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. provides students with interactive tutorials that use quizzes and flashcards to help them learn biology.  With your students will ace their tests, their semester finals, and the AP Bio exam.