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[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71e58c9345fc4" question_number="1"] C-reactive Protein usually will elevate within how many hours of acute injury or inflammation? 

[a] Ceruloplasmin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71e4180bd77c4" question_number="2"] Hormone secreted by pancreatic beta islet cells that facilitates glucose uptake

[a] Insulin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71e2a38468fc4" question_number="3"] 3-4 month indicator of glucose level. Also a measure of glycation  

[a] Hemoglobin A1C 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71e1543db8bc4" question_number="4"] Waste product of skeletal muscle catabolism excreted through the kidneys 

[a] Creatinine 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71dfdfb64a3c4" question_number="5"] Crude indicator of kidney filtration 

[a] Estimated glomerular filtration rate eGFR

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71de6b2edbbc4" question_number="6"] Waste product of dietary protein breakdown. Major indicator of dietary protein intake

[a] BUN (blood urea nitrogen)

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71dd1be82b7c4" question_number="7"] Primary extracellular cation whose levels are mediated by aldosterone

[a] Sodium

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71dba760bcfc4" question_number="8"] Waste product of skeletal muscle catabolism excreted through the kidneys 

[a] Chloride

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71da32d94e7c4" question_number="9"] Major intracellular cation whose abbreviation in chemistry is the letter "K"

[a] Potassium

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d8e3929e3c4" question_number="10"] Acid/base regulating factor with the abbreviation HCO3 

[a] Bicarbonate  

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d7944bedfc4" question_number="11"] Most abundant mineral in the body whose value is affected by parathyroid hormone

[a] Calcium

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d5b00244bc4" question_number="12"] Intracellular electrolyte that forms the basis of ATP

[a] Phosphorous

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d460bb947c4" question_number="13"] The "total protein" is the sum of which 2 proteins

[a] Albumin and Globulin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d2ec3425fc4" question_number="14"] Acute phase negative reactant protein, produced almost entirely by the liver, and functions as a primary transport protein for: nutrients, thiols, electrolytes and hormones

[a] Albumin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d19ced75bc4" question_number="15"] Protein that delivers components of the complement system, clotting and antibody system

[a] Globulin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71d0032548fc4" question_number="16"] Metabolic enzyme that originates from the skeletal system

[a] Alkaline Phosphatase

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71ceb3de98bc4" question_number="17"] Metabolic enzyme involved in the gamma glutamyl cycle 

[a] GGT (gamma glutamyl transferase

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71cd6497e87c4" question_number="18"] Metabolic enzyme involved in the reversible conversion of pyruvate into lactate, whose value may reflect glucose utilization 

[a] LDH (lactate dehydrogenase

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71cc1551383c4" question_number="19"] Name the 2 primary aminotransferases on a blood test

[a] AST and ALT

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71cac60a87fc4" question_number="20"] Thse 2 aminotransferases may be low in B-6 deficiency 

[a] ALT and AST

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c95183197c4" question_number="21"] Trace element that is transported in red blood cells by hemoglobin

[a] Iron

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c8023c693c4" question_number="22"] Intracellular storage form of Iron that is a positive acute phase reactant 

[a] Ferritin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c6b2f5b8fc4" question_number="23"] Most abundant Iron binding protein that is an acute phase negative reactant  

[a] Transferrin 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c4ceac0fbc4" question_number="24"] The TIBC is primarily comprised of which Iron-binding protein

[a] Transferrin  

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c37f655f7c4" question_number="25"] This acute phase positive reactant protein is involved in the conversion of ferrous to ferric iron

[a] Ceruloplasmin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c2301eaf3c4" question_number="26"] Which protein transports more than 90 percent of Copper?

[a] Ceruloplasmin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71c0bb9740bc4" question_number="27"] One of the most abundant antioxidants in the plasma, whose value increases in gout

[a] Uric acid

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71bdd28863bc4" question_number="28"] Conjugated bilirubin occurs primarily through which biochemical pathway in the liver?

[a] Glucuronidation

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71bc5e00f53c4" question_number="29"] In Gilbert's Syndrome, this form of Bilirubin is elevated

[a] Unconjugated Bilirubin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71b94fb159fc4" question_number="30"] Lymphocytes are comprised of which two types of immune cells?

[a] T cells and B cells

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71b7db29eb7c4" question_number="31"] True or False. B-cell Lymphocytes are part of the antibody response

[a] True

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71b5f6e0423c4" question_number="32"] When monocytes migrate to tissues they are known as what?

[a] Macrophages

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71b48258d3bc4" question_number="33"] An elevation of Lymphocytes, Decrease in Neutrophils and elevation of Monocytes may indicate which type of infection?

[a] Viral

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71b30dd1653c4" question_number="34"] True or False: Neuotrophils are the most abundant type of immune cell in the blood

[a] True

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71b17409387c4" question_number="35"] This type of immune cell usually rises with parasitic infections 

[a] Eosinophil

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71aeb03b19bc4" question_number="36"] Type of immune cell in the tissues that releases histamine

[a] Mast cell

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71ad60f4697c4" question_number="37"] Composed of 3 or 4 fatty acid molecules and one glycerol

[a] Triglycerides

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71abec6cfafc4" question_number="38"] An increase of this fatty acid molecule often rises during fat loss 

[a] Triglycerides 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71aa77e58c7c4" question_number="39"] Primary lipid constituent of all cell membranes, also serving as the basis for all steroidal hormones

[a] Cholesterol

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a9035e1dfc4" question_number="40"] Lipo-protein transporting cholesterol back to the liver

[a] HDL, high density lipo-protein  

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a78ed6af7c4" question_number="41"] A decrease in Uric acid may indicate which nutrient deficiencies?

[a] Molybdenum and Copper

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a63f8fff3c4" question_number="42"] Primary Antioxidant produced by Xanthine Oxidase

[a] Uric Acid

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a4cb0890bc4" question_number="43"] Metabolic enzyme originating from the skeletal system

[a] Alkaline phosphatase

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a35681223c4" question_number="44"] Highly atherogenic lipo-protein derivative whose value has been shown to be lowered 28% by Vitamin C

[a] Vitamin C

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a1e1f9b3bc4" question_number="45"] TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is secreted by which gland?

[a] Anterior pituitary

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71a0483186fc4" question_number="46"] The anterior pituitary secretes these hormones which signals the release of Testosterone and 

[a] LH and FSH

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|719ed3aa187c4" question_number="47"] Oophorectomy at a younger age may increase the risk for what?

[a] Alzheimer's Disease

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|719c5a5d763c4" question_number="48"] Cells in the testes which make testosterone

[a] Leydig  

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|719ae5d607bc4" question_number="49"] In congenital adrenal hyperplasia, mild deficiency of CYP21a2 may cause an increase in which hormones?

[a] Testosterone and Androstenedione

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7199714e993c4" question_number="50"] True or False: 17-hydroxyprogesterone converts into Cortisol

[a] True

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7197fcc72abc4" question_number="51"] The active hormonal form of Vitamin D is known as what?

[a] Calcitriol or 1,25 dihydroxyVitaminD

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|719662fefdfc4" question_number="52"] Epstein barr virus may alter the function of which nuclear binding protein, who post-translationally regulates 16-hydroxylation of estrogen?

[a] VDR (vitamin D receptor)

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7194ee778f7c4" question_number="53"] Growth factor and cytokine that mediates stem cell differentiation and can cause the shift to TH17

[a] TGFß-1 (transforming growth factor beta 1)

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|719379f020fc4" question_number="54"] Growth factor that mediates angiogenesis, wound repair and oxygen delivery to tissues 

[a] VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71922aa970bc4" question_number="55"] A low VEGF may possibly indicate a deficiency of which nutrient cofactor?

[a] Copper

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|719090e143fc4" question_number="56"] Elevation of this protein facilitates the degradation of the extracellular matrix

[a] MMP-9, metalloproteinase-9

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|718d8291a8bc4" question_number="57"] Polysaccharides from marine red algae have shown the ability to lower which matrix-degrading protein?

[a] MMP-9, metalloproteinase-9

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|718c0e0a3a3c4" question_number="58"] T4 is also known as what?

[a] Thyroxine

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|718a047fd2bc4" question_number="59"] T3 is formed by which enzyme system?

[a] 5-deiodinase  

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7188b539227c4" question_number="60"] The kidneys produce what hormone that facilitates the synthesis of red blood cells?

[a] EPO, Erythropoietin

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|718765f2723c4" question_number="61"] In metabolic acidosis what what is the pattern of chloride and bicarbonate? 

[a] Elevated chloride, decreased bicarbonate

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7185f16b03bc4" question_number="62"] In metabolic alkalosis, what is the pattern of chloride and bicarbonate?

[a] Chloride is low, bicarbonate is high

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7184a224537c4" question_number="63"] Which organ is primarily involved in the conversion of 25-OHD into Calcitriol?

[a] Kidneys 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71832d9ce4fc4" question_number="64"] In dehydration the albumin is high or low?

[a] High

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7181b915767c4" question_number="65"] Primary antioxidant produced by Xanthine Oxidase

[a] Uric Acid

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|718069cec63c4" question_number="66"] Essential transport of cholesterol from the liver to the peripheral tissues

[a] LDL low density lipoprotein

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|717f1a8815fc4" question_number="67"] True or False 17-hydroxyprogesterone converts into cortisol?

[a] True

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|717da600a77c4" question_number="68"] AMPK mediates the migration of what vessicle to the cell membrane for the diffusion of glucose?

[a] GLUT

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|717a97b10c3c4" question_number="69"] True or False: Estrogen is Neuroprotective?

[a] True

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7178b36762fc4" question_number="70"] Urinary methylmalonic acid is used to assess the status of which nutrient?

[a] Vitamin B-12

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71776420b2bc4" question_number="71"] True or False: Homocysteine can be removed by B-12 and Folate 

[a] True

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|717614da027c4" question_number="72"] Ceruloplasmin is a negative or positive acute phase reactant protein?

[a] Positive  

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7174a05293fc4" question_number="73"] C-reactive Protein usually will elevate within how many hours of acute injury or inflammation? 

[a] 48

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|7173510be3bc4" question_number="74"] Ammonia is converted into what compound in the liver? 

[a] Urea

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|717201c5337c4" question_number="75"] True or False: Nitrates have no effect on nitric oxide levels

[a] False

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|71708d3dc4fc4" question_number="76"] TIBC stands for what?

[a] Total Iron Binding Capacity

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|716e83b35d7c4" question_number="77"] A low MCV is associated with which type of anemia?

[a] Iron-deficient anemia 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|716d0f2beefc4" question_number="78"] MMP9 is involved in the degradation of what physiological system?

[a] Extracellular matrix

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|716b05a1877c4" question_number="79"] Homocysteine is the result of the oxidation of which amino acid?

[a] Methionine 

[q dataset_id="deck-1.0|715c5316783c4" question_number="80"] Molybdenum is a cofactor in the synthesis of which plasma antioxidant?

[a] Uric acid


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